Friday, October 26, 2007

I put out a fire tonight

But if I *kind of* started it does it still make me Superwoman? I was cooking dinner tonight - fajitas, when I noticed we didn't have any beans. Leila was already asleep so Tony went to pick some up. I decided to get the tortillas warm and crispy and put them in the broiler...on high. I left the room to check my email and a few minutes later smelled smoke. I walked into the kitchen and there was A TON of smoke coming out of the oven. I opened the broiler and flames came out, so I quickly shut it....and started crying. I grabbed a glass, filled it with water and threw it over the flames. It took five more filled glasses of water to put the fire out. While I was in the middle of putting out the fire the smoke alarm went off. (A little late, I think.) Fortunately Leila didn't wake up.

Here is how the tortillas turned out:


But seriously, where is a firefighter when you need one? Oh, that's right - he's at Safeway picking up beans...whoops.

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