Sunday, November 25, 2007

Open House Crashing

I just finished reading "The Gatecrasher," a book about a woman who goes to funerals to seduce wealthy widows. (Sick, I know but it was a good, quick read.) Anyways, as Leila and I were driving down Foothill today we saw a sign for an open house in a beautiful, gated community. I thought to myself - Leila and I should become "Open House Crashers." We had nothing to do and nowhere to be so we checked it out. I must have been quite a sight in my raggy sweater and jeans. At least Leila looked posh in her new Gymboree outfit. The realtor was actually really nice and let us check it out all by ourselves. We stole chocolate chip cookies and hot cider (not really stole - it was there for prospective buyers. What kind of a girl do you think I am?) I got some great design ideas, and if I save up a mere $2.7 million it can be mine.

Our Open House Crashing adventure was fun, but I don't think it will become a regular hobby...unless chocolate chip cookies and hot cider are guaranteed every time.

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Tara said...

LOL! You are too funny! Matt and I go looking at model homes and open houses almost every Sunday (we love to dream). =)

I walk away same as you...great design ideas and little ideas of what life would be like in that house...for a mere 3 mil. Lol. Too funny!


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