Saturday, January 5, 2008

Rain, rain. Go away!

It is so flippin' ugly out. It is raining harder than I have seen in years, the wind is scary and the thunder and lightning just started again. Days like these it is so nice to just stay inside. Here are some pictures of my sad, flooded backyard.

And poor Leila is bored to tears. This picture was taken around 10:00 this morning and she still has her jammies on - that is rare. Usually by ten we've gone out, come back and she's ready for a nap. Leila is a super busy, active baby and she likes to always be doing something. She is not a big fan of being stuck inside. She has all sorts of fun new toys from Christmas, but quickly got bored with those. Thank goodness for pots and pans!


April said...

Okay. Seriously. She's just bangin on some pots...but she looks so darn adorable!!

Autumn said...

Isn't this weather just crazy? My bus shuttle on friday on the way to work actually rocked back and forth at the stop light. Little scary!!!!

Melissa Girlstylst said...

Love it when babies are in their pj's, so cute !


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