Saturday, January 5, 2008

Told you we didn't make up her name...

Several people, who shall remain nameless (but don't read this blog, anyway) have asked if Tony and I made up the spelling of Leila's name. The answer: no.
L-E-I-L-A is the Hawaiian spelling. These people don't seem to believe me, but whatever. Well, my Pottery Barn Kids catalog came a few days ago, and what I saw made me want to tear those pages out and send them to anyone who ever doubted the spelling of my girl's name.

That's right - it's her name, spelled her way on an adorable towel! I can't find the picture online, but in the catalog her name (spelled her way) is embroidered on an "Anywhere Chair" I know it shouldn't bother me what people think of her name, or the spelling of it, but it does. So, all I have to say to "those people" is in 'yo face!


April said...

How else would people spell "Leila"...I have always loved her name, and if it's in is SO in.

Erica said...

Really? I had no idea that you had gotten comments on her name..I went to high school with a Leila. ;) It's beautiful no matter what! :)


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