Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thirteen shows I'm dying to have back...

Stupid writer's strike. Anyways, here are thirteen shows I'm really missing...(wow, I watch a lot of TV!)

1. Ugly Betty
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Pushing Daisies
4. Dirty Sexy Money
5. Samantha Who?
6. Private Practice
7. Notes from the Underbelly

ok - so that's only seven shows, but here's what I've replaced them with:

8. Cashmere Mafia
9. Biggest Loser (not a new favorite, but still..)
10. LA Ink
11. Dress My Nest
12. Eli Stone (yes, I just watch for the George Michael)
13. Ultimate Style


Anonymous said...

i agree. this writers strike sucks! we hate it! almost all the shows we watch are affected by it. i hope it ends soon!

Anonymous said...

Your new blog background is adorable!! I love it and want one! Where did you get it?? Hope all is well!


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