Friday, March 21, 2008

Posh has nothin' on me!

Well, except for millions and millions of dollars, an awesome wardrobe, a rockin' body, a super-cool accent and David Beckham. But, who needs a soccer star when I have a firefighter?

Today after Gymboree, Leila, Tony and I went to High Tech Burritos on Main Street for some lunch. Since it was a beautiful day we sat outside, and I was approached by a hairstylist from the salon across the street. They were having a master class with a stylist who just did fashion week in NY with the Bumble and Bumble hair team, and they needed a model for her "Graduated Bob" (aka the Posh cut) Tony encouraged me to do it, so I did. The woman who did the cut was kind of snooty patootie, and there were ten (that's right ten!) stylists watching her every move. It felt weird having all those people staring, but a nice glass of cab helped ease the tension. After an hour and a half I came out with a new 'do (even though I *was* growing it out) but, I figure it's just hair and it will grow back. How often do you get a free haircut by a master stylist, right?


(literally, just two hours before, at Gymboree)


Am I fierce or what?


Katie said...

Girl, not only does your hair look fierce, but YOU look amazing! NBL is paying off BIG TIME!!

Autumn said...

You look faaabuuulllooouuuss!!! Both hair and body! isn't it great being in the right place at the right time??!?!!

Anonymous said...

Keep taking those hilly walks.........YOU are looking fannnntastic kid-o. gma

Amanda said...

I LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart, you look amazing !!!!! Wow !! You are the most beautiful Mommy I have ever seen !


Charmaine said...

Looks great! And lucky you for getting a free cut!

Rachel said...

You look fabulous Heather! Love the cut!

Anonymous said...

you look beautiful!!


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