Thursday, April 3, 2008


Finally, after months and months of waiting Peet's coffee has (finally!) opened up in Pleasanton. You all know I'm a coffee lover (ok, an iced mocha lover) and I'll drink one from just about anywhere, but Peet's is my absolute favorite! It only opened on Saturday, but we have of course been there several times and the baristas already recognize myself and Leila. Well, a couple of days ago my little angel scored me a free coffee, by saying one of her new words. What new word? "Peet's" (That's probably a little bit bad, huh?) Well, we pulled into the parking lot and Leila pointed right to the building and said "Peet's!" I praised her and told her good job. When I ordered my drink Leila said "Peet's, Peet's, Peet's!" and, I got a free coffee : )

Leila also said "coffee" last Monday, and my mom was there to witness it. Just in case you were wondering Leila doesn't only say coffee-related words. In the last week, her newest words are "puppy", "home" and "love you."

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Anonymous said...

DANG! what an advanced little 15 month old you have! in the 7 years i have been a nanny, NONE Of the babies i have cared for have said more than 'mama' by 15 months. andrew didnt start saying words like you're describing until 22 months! what a little genious you have!!!

such a cute post, btw! i love it! i am just as addicted to coffee...we should go sometime!!


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