Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I love Rachael Ray. I have her cookbooks, I get her magazine, I watch her shows. I am fully supportive of her having her own line of products. Heck - I asked my mom for the Rachael Ray EVOO (extra virgin olive oil, for those of you not in the know) for Christmas last year - she just laughed at me. While shopping for a wedding present at Bed, Bath & Beyond yesterday I saw a Rachael Ray product prominently displayed in the front of the kitchen section:

The Rachael Ray garbage bowl. The whole idea behind it is that as you're cooking you put your trash in the bowl, so you don't have to break your stride and walk all the way over to the garbage can. I get the idea behind it - in fact I usually put an empty plastic bag in the right side of the sink for trash, but honestly - a $15 garbage bowl?! I can think of a thousand better ways to spend fifteen bucks. Sigh. If for some reason you just have to have one, you can get it here or your local Bed Bath & Beyond.


The Shavers Family said...

I should've known YOU of all people I know would have the same RR obsession as I. ha! :)

I'm with ya, doll - $15 for a "garbage bowl" is ridiculous. I ended up using a $4 white mixing bowl I got from Target 3 years ago. Yes, I said 3 years - I've been a RR fan for a long time. :)

Anonymous said...

i could not agree more. i was in bb&b a few weeks ago and saw there was a display of gb's in the front of the store and i just couldnt believe it. these days they will think of anything to make a buck. although, with the economy the way it is, i doubt if there are many people our there that will be spending $15 on a garbage bowl!

did you hear she was nominated for an emmy today?? shes so freakin awesome.

Katie said...

ha! maybe its because the bowl looks like garbage? Silly marketeers.

Anonymous said...

I thought the bowl was cool until you said it was $15. UM no thanks!


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