Friday, May 23, 2008

Don't laugh

We are (obviously) a very pro-chihuahua family -- Tara, I know you know what I'm talking about! -- and when my mom told me that there was a movie called "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" coming out I was more than a little excited.

Fast forward to yesterday, and I casually mention the movie to Tony. Much to my shock he was even more excited than me! He asked when it came out (September 26) and if Leila was too little to take to the movies (still not sure on that one...I'm afraid it will hurt her ears.) Then he asked - I'm not sure if he was joking - if Ramon would be able to go to see the movie. Um, no hon - don't think so.

I remember back when I first mentioned that I wanted a chihuahua for my wedding present. I got a very stern "no!" After a lot of whining Tony gave in and said fine, but told me that I had to find one that doesn't look like such a little kick me dog, which is why we went with a deerhead chihuahua as opposed to a teacup or an applehead. I was also told that it would not be his dog or his responsibility. I was also told not to be surprised if he didn't like him. Hahahahah! Tony loves that dog to pieces and always says hi to him, before he says hi to me when he comes home from work. That is his boy, and he absolutely adores much so that he wants to take him to a chihuahua movie. : )

How could we not love this guy?!


Anonymous said...

oh. my. gosh. LMAO!

ok, so my sister in law text messages me the other day and says 'go to youtube now. you MUST see the preview for beverly hills chihuahua.' i was like, huh? whats that? a tv show or something? i was so confused.

so i youtubed it and watched the preview and was absolutely dying of laughter.i made the dogs sit there and watch it with me and lily and gizmo ran away but winston howled at the screen! he saw he relatives!!! lol.

anyway, we cant wait for this movie! we are sooo crashing your date night. the 4 of us MUST see this together.

Ashley Newell said...

You could try taking both Leila and Ramon to the drive in if you guys have one near you.


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