Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kind of bummed.

Today is the day of Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale for Women & Children. It's usually not until June, but they bumped it up this year because of the stimulus checks. Anyways, I always look forward to it. If the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (starting July 18) is like my Christmas, the Half Yearly is like my Valentine's. Not as major, but still exciting.

Well, Leila and I were there at 7:00am, as soon as the doors opened. I was super excited because I have a ton of money in Nordstrom gift cards from my birthday, and even a few from Christmas. After searching the entire store and leaving no stone or handbag un-turned I walked out with a measely four things, three of which were for Leila. I got a cute pair of leather Roxy flip-flops and Leila got two Roxy shirts and one pair of Roxy bermuda shorts. Last night I had dreams of walking out with bags and bags full of goods (well, not really...but still.)

I was eyeing this L.A.M.B. bag , but after unloading my current purse and trying to shove it all into the one I was considering getting I could see it was not going to happen. Sigh.

Why is it always when you have money to spend you can never find anything? Oh, well. More to spend at the Anniversary Sale, I guess.


Anonymous said...

omg i had the same issue! i got tons of nordstrom cards for my birthday and when i went to go spend them, all excited, i found nothing. it sucked. and i shopped for hours and tried on everything. i agree--when you have money to spend there is never anything to buy but when you have no money to spend it seems the whole world is up for grabs. grrrrr....

Anonymous said...

:-( that you didn't find much. I was there today too. I wish I had seen you! I bought some clothes and shoes for me and some things for Sara.

I hope the next sale welds lots of great stuff for you!

Anonymous said...

did u see ur man on american idol tonight???? i bet ur so excited for ur concert!!!


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