Sunday, June 15, 2008

Beach day? Not so much.

On Friday we decided to pack up and head to the beach. After 30 minutes of filling our new family beach tote, and our matching new cooler we were ready to head out. Since we were headed to dog-friendly Baker Beach in San Francisco we brought Ramon along. Well, as we drove into the city we noticed it was dark gray outside. We stuck our hands out the windows and it was freezing. Since it was already 85 degrees in Pleasanton when we left at 9:30 am we figured it was sunny everywhere....wrong! I got on my blackberry to check out the weather for Baker Beach and 7 other near(ish) beaches. The highest any of them was expected to get was 63 degrees - not my idea of beach weather. Ugh.

Determined to touch sand and water Tony drove us to Half Moon Bay, thinking we'd get out for 20 or so minutes and play in the sand - that way our beach day wouldn't be a complete bust. We start driving in, and there's a huge sign: NO DOGS! Um...why would you allow horses, who sh!t giant turds everywhere and their owners (or riders?) rarely pick it up, but no dogs? (BTW - I packed three plastic baggies for the inevitable "just in case" poop.) Normally we would have ignored the no dog rule, but they had rangers monitoring the beach, and you had to pay to park. We figured the parking guy would see Ramon and tell us to turn around.

So, we started driving aimlessly when Tony takes a sharp right after seeing a sign for "Cowell Ranch Beach." Never heard of it, but whatever. We park our car, put Leila in the jogging stroller, and it's a good thing we did because it was about a 3/4 mile walk to get to the 100 or so stairs that lead to the beach. Sheesh - it was my workout for the day. We finally got down and Tony got to touch the precious sand. Ramon and Tony ran along the water, and then Tony took Leila from me to try and put her feet in the water..... hahahahaha! She was not having it, and honestly I can't blame the girl - it was cold and the water was colder.

So, after wasting probably $40 worth of gas the only ones who touched the water were Tony and Ramon, and that was only when the tide came too close while they were running. Next time we decided to have a beach day we'll be smart enough to check the weather reports.


Erica said...

That is such a GREAT picture of Tony & Leila. Sorry that your beach day wasn't all you hoped. I hope the next one is much, much better! :)

Tara said...

what a sweet pic of tony and leila!! im sorry the weather was sucky for you guys. san fran is always SOOO iffy. you just never know what you're gunna get. were had some good luck, in the past weeks with santa cruz and carmel....although i feel your pain trying to find a dog friendly beach. oh, also try rodeo beach. its GORGEOUS (reminds me alot of pebble beach) and they allow dogs.

anyway, i hope you guys have better luck next time!!


Anonymous said...

Boo! Such a bummer! The good news is that you got a beautiful Father's Day pic of Tony and Leila - I didn't get a single one all day. :-( And the family beach tote is adorable - I want one for the pool!

P.S. I miss you too! Sadly, I'm 35 weeks now so I'm grounded from travel until after baby is born and I'm not sure when I'll be brave enough to travel with two munchkins! It's the flight with both of them that scares me the most.


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