Monday, June 16, 2008

Things that have annoyed me recently

Over the last few days here are some things that have annoyed me:

1. When Leila and I went to High Tech burrito and I ordered two "itty bitty chicken burritos" The guy asked what I was having, and I said an itty bitty chicken burrito. He asked if I was under 10. I look under 10?! He said I could only order one (for Leila) and I had to order off the regular menu. So I had to spend an extra $3 for the exact same burrito, slightly bigger. What does he care if I want to eat off the kids menu?

2. Why on earth does TLC have to show a preview for "The Singing Office" during every single commercial break? The show looks horrible! I want to be able to watch Jon & Kate plus 8 without having to mute the tv during the commercial.

3. No dogs allowed on beaches. Seriously, WTF? If you allow a horse, allow a dog. (And, no that's not a horse on the picture Ramon's standing in front of - it's a dog. There was another sign showing that horses were allowed.)

That's it....I'll make sure to let you know the next time something bugs me. : )


Anonymous said...

omg john and kate is our favorite show EVER!! we are going to see them speak in ventura in january!! we're so excited!=)

Unknown said...

Jon & Kate Plus 8 = best show ever. My boyfriend doesn't find 8 kids to be nearly as charming as I do, however.

Anonymous said...

I was just watching John and Kate and that singing office preview came on like one million times! I for sure share that annoyance with you!

littlemonkey said...

lol, I *love* all things TLC but can't stand seeing the same commercials over and over again!!! And, yes, that show looks LAME!!! That, along with that dance show with the annoying girl in the yellow tank dancing around like a total dork.

Anonymous said...

Totally sucks that you couldn't order 2 off of the kids menu! One of the perks of having kids, IMO, is getting to order off of the kids menu!


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