Sunday, October 5, 2008

Less than a week!

I know I have A LOT of friends going to the New Kids on the Block concert on Friday. My question to you is: are you also crazy excited (almost giddy?) for the concert? I feel like I'm more excited than I probably should be. Am I the only one?

We were out to dinner on Thursday, when Tony asked "do you know what next Friday is?" I (of course) replied "New Kids concert!!!" He gave me an annoyed look. "It's our ten-year dating anniversary." Oh yeah. Well, 10 years is a long time, but waiting over 15 years to see NKOTB again is even longer. ; )


Erica said...


Anonymous said...

lol. you crack me up. i hope you have an absolute blast.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Did you see the Behind the Music special? Of course you did! My husband mocked me for DVRing it, and then had to gouge his eyes out when he watched it against his will (just because he was hanging out in the same room).


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