Monday, October 6, 2008

Let the decorating begin!

Let the decorating begin! Yesterday I got this super cute Halloween countdown calendar at Pottery Barn Kids. This morning I put it up behind our front door and filled the pockets with candies and notes:
There's space on the bottom for it to be personalized, but I'll wait to have that done until after Halloween, so we can enjoy it all month long! I asked tony a few weeks ago to take down my Halloween decorations, but he said only crazy people decorate for Halloween in September. Poop on him. The only bummer about decorating for the holidays this year is that I don't have a big front yard to deorate like I did last year, since we're in a town house. Oh, well. maybe next Halloween we'll have a big front yard of our own to decorate!

I'm making Tony take down my decorations when he gets home!


Erica said...

OMG how cute is that?! I *so* want it also....I will live vicariously through you for the moment! ;)

Anonymous said...

omgggggg. i want that! i love all your holiday decor! i remember last year when you had the cutest things! sadly, i ONLY have christmas decor. i need to get on it. i went and got some mini pumpkins to put around the house this weekend. i guess thats a start. oh and i freakin loooooove pbk. i love on their website.

Anonymous said...

You are too cute and have the best decor! I'm so lazy with that stuff, but I know how much kids dig it (and it's so darn cute!), so I need to start making an effort with it.


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