Sunday, October 19, 2008

We were "boo'd" ...but that's a good thing!

On Friday afternoon we came home from the Pumpkin Patch to find a bright orange pumpkin, filled with goodies on our doorstep. There were two papers with the pumpkin - one saying something to the extent of "You've been tagged by the Halloween Phantom, please tag three other houses with goodies, and leave a copy of this paper." There was also a sign saying "We've been hit!" with a picture of a ghost on it, that we were supposed to put on our door so others would know we've already been tagged. I forgot to put the note out, and we were tagged again on Saturday morning! : ) Between our two "taggings" Leila received Halloween stickers, pencils, pens, toys, erasers, a super cute Halloween cup and a couple of goodies.

Leila and I went to Target this morning to pick up supplies for the three houses we're going to tag. We got three pumpkins, and for each pumpkin: Halloween mad libs, activity books, coupon books from McDonalds (which I highly recommend - for $1.50 you get twelve coupons, for things like free apple dippers {our fave} free juice or milk and free soft serve cones - the apple dippers themselves are $1.50!), fruit leathers from trader Joe's, Cheerios variety packs, stickers, pencils, pens, a small (real) pumpkin and a full-sized bag of skittles. Leila and I have already scouted the houses we're going to tag, and will do it tomorrow when there's less of a chance that we'll get caught!

I was so excited to see that our neighborhood was doing this, because up until now the people we've met are NOT very fact, some are downright rude! The "booing" game restores my faith in the people around us!

Tony also FINALLY took down my Halloween box, so I was able to decorate a little bit more!

Happy {almost} Halloween!


Rachel said...

What a fun neighborhood!!

Erica said...

So cool! :)

Tara said...

what a fun neighborhood!!!


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