Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sugar's first "well baby" visit

Today I took Sugar to her first "well baby" visit at our vet. Dr. Yoon (who also sees Ramon) was super impressed with her "perfect snow white" markings. He told me what a perfect show dog she'd make should we choose to go that route (we won't, but it's still nice to hear.) She got three vaccines, and was a trouper about all of them. She seemed much tougher than her brother Ramon who literally cries when he gets shots! I found out that she weighs 9.4 pounds and is "basically perfect." We go back in three weeks for her next set of vaccines.

Sugar did really well last night. She slept on my pillow above my head, and Ramon slept where he usually does - under the covers, at my feet. I had dogs from head to toe. : )

We came up with Sugar's AKA name (and AKC if we register her there too...) Keep in mind that the name is supposed to be, long and one of a kind. With that said, Sugar's full name is "Leila's lady in waiting Sugar of the Yukon." We think it has a nice ring to it! : ) We adore our new puppy, and she is the perfect addition to our family!


Erica said...

LOVE her name! :)

Sparlo said...

She is just too,too cute.

And so is Suger (aka Suca in spanish) Did she pass Ramons inspection and or approval? gma


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