Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I kinda lost it....

There's no real point to this post, just a ramble, I guess. This morning Tony got called into overtime. Usually no big deal when he gets called into OT, but he was already home and with Leila. She's only two and doesn't understand why daddy has to leave. She kept crying "don't go, Daddy, don't go. I want Daddy, not Mommy." : ( Totally broke my heart, and I'm sure his. Tony left and Leila was still sad, still not wanting to hang out with just me. (Which sucked because she was perfectly happy to be with Mama before Tony got called.) After about ten minutes she started getting mean, not just sad. She said "I'm mad at Mama. I want my Daddy." and had on a total stink face. After about five full minutes (no exageration) of hearing how she didn't want to be with me, and was mad at me I snapped and yelled "Too bad, kiddo it's just you and me today." in a tone that I don't like to use.

She gave me the nastiest look, and sat on her little chair with a book. She pretended to read but kept looking at me with the evil eye. I apologized. She still gave me dirty looks. After a few minutes Leila came over and said she loves me. That helped. Still, though, I hate snapping and I feel like crap.

Ramble over.


Autumn said...

Ok let me first say that you are one of the BEST moms I know. I am sure every mom has had their moment, and you will probably have more. They don't call it the terrible two's for nothing. Sending you a virtual hug. Don't be to hard on yourself sweetie. Leila totally knows her momma loves her. And I love her momma too!!!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Thanks, has just been one thing after another today. I'm ready for tomorrow. Love you too!

Sparlo said...

Welcome to the TT's". Terribale Two's. That's how it got it's name. Thanks to God she is going through it because it show she is a 100% NORMAL and healthy 2 year old that is just Testing her mommie. Next time it will be Daddys turn or even Bamma or Papa. Cheer up sweetie. SHE IS JUST A NORMAL "TT"
HUGS, gma
It still hurts,I still remember 48years later.

Tara said...

every mom has their moments. kids can be so hard and sometimes really test your patience. you are one of the best moms out there and you have nothing to feel badly about. <3


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