Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Princess's Room

I have gotten lots of emails requesting pictures of our's still nowhere near "done" (we have like two pictures up on the wall, and a handful of boxes left to unpack.) But, Leila's room is done - it was the very first thing we got to and my absolute favorite room in the house! Here are some pictures for ya!

Her closet has no doors yet, but hopefully soon.Her bookshelf is up high, so her non-board books are up there! We read "Double Pink" and "Where the Wild Things Are" just about every night!All of her shoes hanging on the back of the door: Her dresser, and the bow board I made:

The short dresser is a changing table until Leila is fully potty trained....hopefully soon!

The super cute vanity my parents got Leila for Christmas, her piggy bank from Auntie Mary and her chandelleir from Craigslist (originally from Target)
Loooove Craigslist - this bad boy was still brand new, in the box!

One of my very favorite things in the room, "the children's fireman prayer"* I got it from The Homespun Raven on etsy, who was kind enough to customize the colors of the paint. I love this so much!

Her bed and nightstand. I love the bedding because it's girly but not over the top!

{Not in Leila's room...}
And one last thing - our new wall sconces. I'm sad that Illuminations is going out of business but I was able to get these cool wall sconces.
Hopefully I'll get a chance to post some more pictures soon, and thanks for your interest!

*The Fireman's Prayer says:
"My dad is a fireman...he works hard all day in a very special firehouse not too far away. He crawls down halls and knocks down wallsin buildings old and new. To help save many people's lives and their belongings too. He doesn't mind the summer sun or winter's bitter cold, because it is a fireman's job to be so very bold. I hope dear God you're watching. Be it twelve or six or three, or whenever my Dad is working Lord, bring him home to me."


Sparlo said...

Very Pretty and girly. I love the words in the "Firemans Prayer"

Tara said...

wow! that is one GORGEOUS room! great job!!! i am in love with everything about it!


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