Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What I'm doing at midnight...

What am I doing at midnight...making new display boards, of course. (Totally sane, right?) I'm in a boutique on Thursday, and have been working like a mad woman between my Etsy orders, my non-Etsy orders, updating my catalog of customs and getting ready for the boutique. I don't do caffeine, but was seriously starting to drag this afternoon, so I decided to have a regular diet coke which kind of hyped me up... I finally stopped making jewelry at 10:30pm, but moved onto new display boards. *Sigh*
I had others, but decided I was over them and wanted something a little lighter and brighter for Spring.
Here they are, and hopefully I'll be getting to bed SOON!
Display board for Children's jewelry. I thought the fabric was fun:Display board for Mama jewelry:And this one I'm particularly proud of...it features my best sellers, and it went from this lovely 75 cent garage sale find:
to this:
A little spray paint, fabric and hot glue and I love how it now looks!

Wish me luck on Thursday.


Kelly said...

I only wish I had one ounce of the creativity (and energy) that you have....

Erica said...

They look AMAZING!! Seriously you need to have a class for all of us who are so not creative. :)

Lisa said...

Fabulous!!! I admire your talent and creativity!


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