Thursday, May 28, 2009

Farmer's Market

We love Thursdays so much for a few reasons, one of which being Farmer's Market. Our Farmer's Market is amazing, with tons of vendors offering the most delicious, fresh produce, flowers, baked goods, oils - you name it - at fair prices. We go to Farmer's Market right after dance, hence Leila's outfit.

Tonight we saw some beautiful flowers: Fresh veggies in all sorts of colors:
We tried lots of samples:
Leila didn't like the red cherries, but loves the rainier cherries - we got a huge basket of them!

We splashed in the fountain:

We shared a yummy dinner of homemade (not by me!) tamales, and fresh corn on the cob:
And then tried our luck at hula hooping:
We filled our market bag with bell peppers, potatoes, nectarines, peaches, cherries, garlic, a fresh loaf of bread and even a brownie for dessert (and I got to play around with my new camera!)

Can't wait for next Thursday!


Tara said...

you catch her at such great moments for pictures! you have so many creative ones! i love the fountain one!

SAM said...

Beautiful!! I miss Farmer's Market so much. We have really pathetic ones in Texas. Really bad. A new one just started a few weeks ago with a ton of publicity. They have 3 produce vendors. Pathetic. :-(


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