Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Last Saturday we had a little housewarming party. The weather was crazy hot - about 105 degrees, but fortunately we have good air conditioning and lots of drinks!

I got a lot of compliments on my "sunscreen bar" Leila had some of her favorite friends to play with!
And so did we!

It also happened to be my birthday, and Leila and Tony got me a birthday cake to share with everyone:

We had a ton of fun, and after all of the guests left a few friends came back and we sat outside, drinking wine into the early morning!
It was a great day!


Erica said...

I loved both your dress & Leila's dress!! Thanks for a great time and that cake looked yummy!! :)

SAM said...

Yay! Happy housewarming and happy birthday! And ditto - I was just thinking that both of your dresses are adorable. LOVE the sunscreen bar. Totally stealing that idea for Spencer's July birthday party. ;-)

Tara said...

so fun! thank you for inviting us to join in the celebration of your birthday and your new beautiful home!


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