Tuesday, May 19, 2009


All of the recent drama between Jon and Kate Gosselin has me pretty bummed. I don't know them personally, but have enjoyed watching their show and seeing a glimpse of their lives. Marriage takes work, kids or no kids, but I cannot imagine how much harder you'd have to work at your marriage with 8 children AND a reality show.

I keep reading crazy rumors about both Jon (whom I used to love) and Kate (who can be a beast to Jon A LOT, but still seemed like she love(d) him.) No matter what happens to their marriage I hope they can keep things civil and focus on their children, NOT their TV ratings.

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Tara said...

omg i know. this is so flippin sad on so many levels. matt and i used to be addicted to this show (i still somewhat am). it is really hard to watch kate change though. she used to be so great. now she treats her husband like sh!t and has become so selfish and self centered. ugh. she was in pleasant hill doing a book signing few weeks ago and i almost went. then i decided she wasnt worth it. im mean.

as far as her husband having an affair with a 23 year old..i have no words. i just hope they are able to pull it together for those kids.


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