Monday, August 3, 2009

Dirty Dogs

Yesterday we went to the dog park and the dogs had a little too much fun. So much fun that they were immediately hosed down when we got home. They were not too thrilled:
But they both enjoyed drying off in the sun:

Just because Sugar and Ramon didn't like their cold baths, didn't mean Leila wanted to miss out:
(Yes mom, that is your ice bucket...sorry.)


Lo said...

cute dogs and cuter little girl ;)

Gina said...

How fun are those pics?!? Love em!

Teri said...

I don't mind the bucket doubling as a puppy bath or mini pool for the princess at all. That is too cute. Puppy bathes for everyone !!!!


Sparlo said...

Ramon would dry off fast, but Sugar looks like she wants nothing to do with anyone but the towel. Ruby likes to run laps after her bath, but the water can't be cold even on very hot days, it has to at least be baby bottle wrist warm.

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

the water was actually pretty warm considering it came from the hose.


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