Saturday, August 22, 2009

My first actual craving this pregnancy...

The last few days it's been about 100 degrees, yet all I can think about is the Pasta Fajioli soup from Whole Foods. I literally had a dream about it last night. The nearest Whole Foods is about twenty minutes away, but we've driven there three times in the past two weeks just for the soup (fortunately it's also a really fabulous grocery store and it saves me a trip to Trader Joe's or Safeway.)

*Sigh* I'm wanting the soup right now, but Leila is asleep. I wonder if I can last until she wakes up for my fix.

What were your pregnancy cravings?


Tara said...

that sounds SO YUMMY! and i LOVE whole foods!

my cravings in the beginning were salads. i could not get enough salad! that was probably during weeks 10-16. then it became avocados and tomatoes with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. weird, i know. but i would dice up avacados, tomatoes and basil and pour some evoo and balsamic over it and eat that like twice a day. this lasted until probably 24 weeks or so.

around 27 weeks i got the sweet craving. i could not get enough sweets. particularly, oreo cookies. so gross looking back, but i would go through roughly a pack every few days. DISGUSTING.

Lo said...

With daughter #1 I ate a fried egg on toast sandwich with shredded cheese and cream cheese.

With Daughter #2 I ate grapes all day long

With daughter #3 it was snow cones. I actually cried once when the stand was closed and my husband thought I had gone mad, LOL

Aurora said...

I MISS living near a Trader Joe's!!! Every time we go back to CA to visit, I bring some goodies home in my suitcase!
I craved almond croissants through my entire pregnancy! {Mmmmmm!}

Gina said...

I craved ranch dressing (which I normally hate) and ice cream.

But not together.

Anonymous said...

We are actually only a couple weeks away from eachother, both with baby #2, i'm due Feb 11th - my craving so far is anything mexican and spicy, but I could eat Taco truck tacos ALL day with hot sauce.. yumm i could go for a few right now. lol
Congrats on the new little one!

Megan :) said...

With son #1 I craved those gross hot dogs from the gas know the "2 for .99 cents" ones...fully loaded with ketchup, mustard, onion, and relish. Oh, and the smell of Taco Bell made me nauseous...just driving by one made me so sick...I hardly ever eat there anymore...I used to eat there frequently!

With son #2 I craved waffels. I dreamed about them too! LOL. I woke up @ like 3am to pee and couldn't get them out of my head! When I woke up the next morning, I made my husband take me to the nearest waffel place. ;) Good times!

Congratulations on the new little one!!


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