Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Post-Preschool Interview

I *really* wish I would have taped her talking to the dogs - as soon as she got home she told them all about her fabulous day, where she had big big fun and didn't cry at all!  I tried to do a little interview with her, but she wasn't too into it.  Oh's still cute:

Leila had a great day at preschool.  She didn't cry at all when we dropped her, off and she even dismissed us!  I was shocked, but happy!  Leila loves school!


April said...

She makes me smile. Sweet girl. Love that she notices what the other girls are wearing...already. The one in the green. lol.

And yay for no tears at drop off!!

Tara said...

lol! i love how she remembered what the other girl was wearing, but not her name..."the one in the green?!" lol. i was dying.

i need a little girl

she melts my heart.

and i need those shoes. they are uber fab.

Gina said...

OH my goodness, she is a doll!!!!! Her language is excellent, too! :)

JuliaVP said...

My heart MELTED at the "Hi Mommy!" and it just got better from there. Where did you get her shirt? And I'm totally loving the shoes!


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