Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Party

Leila's class had a Halloween party today, and Leila was looking forward to it from the second she woke up!!  They weren't able to wear their costumes (thank goodness because she came home with black ink all over her!) but she did wear a very boo-tiful shirt.  When I picked her up she was a total chatterbox about her fun day.

Me: "How was your party?"
Leila: "SUCH the best!  We got to do black and orange stamps, made Halloween play-doh shapes, did a bean bag toss, sang and danced, played with bugs AND had goldfish for snack!"
Me: "That sounds fun."
Leila: "Oh mama, you should have been there."

LOL!  She speaks so well and it was a crack up to hear her talk about her party!  Leila loved her first school party and is already asking when the next one will be.


mel @ the larson lingo said...

cute shirt! and, loved the play by play of her party! so fun!

Kellie H said...

yes cute indeed!
That first photo is such a face my lil gal makes!
Hope she has a great All Hallow's Eve as an angel =)

Tara said...

awww!!! that makes my heart melt! i cant wait for that kind of stuff with brady!! so, so, so fun!!!

Dolce Baci said...

Too cute!!

Jacci said...

she is such a little ham! love her outfit!!! i would give ANYTHING for my daughter to just LOOK at the camera when I take her picture!

SAM said...

So fun!! I love that she tells you all about her day! I have to ask a ton of questions to find out anything about Carter's day at school.


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