Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!

Happy (day late) Halloween, everyone!!  We had a fabulous holiday and hope that you did too!

Our day started off with pumpkin decorating:
I forgot to get a picture of Leila's painted masterpiece, but it of a kind ; )

Here's how I decorate carving for me!

and how Tony decorates.  He's actually a really amazing pumpkin carver, but this year's didn't turn out so great.  He was trying to make Ramon, but instead it turned out more like Dr. Evil's bald, mean kitty from Austin Powers:

we thoroughly embarassed our dogs....
Ramon was our little devil:

and Sugar was a little angel:

we gave out (my favorite) Fun Dips and mini Play-Doh:

after dinner we had my (pathetic) version of Bakerella's spider web cookies:

and then it was time for our little angel to get dressed!

even though Leila got a ton of different candies, her favorites were the Fun Dips, just like mama!!

Hope you all had a fab-boo-lous Halloween!!


Tara said...

your pictures are sooo cute! i absolutely adore the one of leila and the dogs and the family one!

i wanted to paint pumpkins this year! never got around to it. maybe ill still do it. i bought the paint and the white pumpkins and everything. :(

and i love your idea of giving mini play dough! im so doing that next year!

janessa said...

Awww, looks like the G family had a blast! And now I'm off to search for fun dip.....

Marta @ Haus of Girls said...

So cute Heather! Love the pics. Glad you had a blast on Halloween!

SAM said...

So fun! Your angel looks beautiful, and I love the family pic with the dogs! And your spider web cookies turned out awesome!!


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