Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Cookies with Bamma!

Yesterday morning I went to brunch with some girlfriends, and Leila went to my parent's house.  While the boys watched football, Leila and Bamma made Christmas cookies!

First (verrrrry decorated) sugar cookies:

and then some thumbprint cookies:

Leila told me that she did *such* a good job unwrapping the candies because she's almost three!

They had so much fun!

After brunch I got to go shopping for a few hours ALONE!  Thank you, mom!


Sparlo said...

You may have thanked your mom for the shopping time alone, but I think that Bamma was the lucky one in a nice warm kitchen makeing great memories with Leilia to for her to remember for a life time. and if she is real lucky, Lailia may eveb remember it someday too.
Warm Hugs, GMA

Tara said...

your mom is the best grandma everrrr!!!


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