Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Cookies!

I spent all of Friday afternoon baking Christmas cookies that we were supposed to deliver to our neighbors.  I made four different types:  Julie's peanut butter cup cups, snow cups, chocolate chip peanut butter cookies and white chocolate chip mint cookies.  My house smelled ridiculously good!

I had an assortment of chocolatey goodness, and of course when baking Christmas cookies you should always use a cute pot holder!

I use the original Toll House base for almost everything.  For the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies I used the original base, but used one cup of chocolate chips and one cup of peanut butter chips.  For the white chocolate chip mint cookies I used one cup of white chocolate chips, and onecup dark chocolate/mint chips, plus two drops of peppermint extract.

Snow Cups:
{These are so easy they're pretty much cheating}
*1 package Pillsbury ready-to-bake sugar cookie dough (24 squares)
*handful of white chocolate chips
*handful of crushed peppermint (crushed candy canes would work!)

Pop each dough cube into a mini muffin pan and bake for 12 minutes at 375.
Make a little spoon indention in each cookie, and drop a handful of chocolate chips and peppermint in each one.
Let cool for ten minutes.
They're pretty good, but white chocolate is not my favorite so next time I'll probably use regular chocolate chips

I bought pretty boxes to put them in, and had every intention of delivering them to our neighbors this weekend, BUT time just escaped us.  I think Leila and I will just deliver them tomorrow.

CORRECTION:  LOL - apparently I'm not as original as I thought.  My "Snow Cups" are also called Peppermint Bark tartlets and can be found hereI am so not as cool as I thought!!


Tara said...

i love this tradition! we do it too! :)

your cookie cups look so easy yet delish. i will have to try them!

Jules said...

the snow cups sound good. especially with choc chips.
yes please. wish I was your neighbor!!!

SAM said...

Snow cups is a much cuter name than peppermint bark tartlets so you are as cool as you thought! Love that idea, and I hope I remember to include those in our goodie gifts for 2010!


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