Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas time in the City

On Saturday night we did one of my family's long standing traditions, Christmas time in the San Francisco.  This year instead of doing downtown we headed to Pier 39. 
She loved that she got to ride the carousel about a thousand times.

With all of the people who love her the most in the world there, no one said no to her request to ride "just one more time!"

We had a yummy dinner at Bubba Gump's! {mmmmm, shrimp!}

Mama, Lulu and Auntie Wubby:

all of the girls!

Leila was chilly and "needed those things for her ears" so we got her some ear muffs, which she LOVES!

I'm a little over 29 weeks pregnant here, which you can't tell because of my coat, but believe me - the bump is growing!

Leila had lots of fun dancing on Papa's toes, and riding on his shoulders so she was "so, so tall!"

It was chilly, but we had a lot of fun!


Tara said...

that pic on the bottom NEEDS to be framed!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time you all must have had! Love the photos!

Marta @ Haus of Girls said...

Love your pics!
What a perfect night :)
I ate at Bubba Gumps the one and only time I was in San Fran.
PS I finally know who you remind me of.... CARRIE UNDERWOOD! You look just like her. MODEL!

Jules said...

your coat and scarf are perfection!!!
how fun are the ear muffs???

I want to go to the city for Christmas!!!

Jill said...

What a sweet time!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
Many Blessings!

SAM said...

Beautiful pictures and I love your red coat!


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