Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let's go fly a kite

Santa got Leila a kite for Christmas, and Tony decided that we should try it out yesterday....on a cloudy, overcast, NO wind day.  I suggested that it might not be the best day to fly a kite but he insisted.

This is what the sky looked like:
After putting it together, Tony told Leila to watch him fly the kite so she could learn.  He didn't get it very high:
Then Leila tried....and got it really, really high:
but (like her mama) was bored of kite flying in just a few minutes, so we went to the playground and had a lot more fun!
Much to Tony's chagrin, I don't think we'll be taking the kite out again anytime soon....


Sparlo said...

Didn't you know that daddy's and sometimes mom's too like it when their kids get certain toys so they can be a kid again. Enjoy the flying Tony even if the girls get bored, that's what keeps you young. Hugs xoxo

Tara Marie Photography said...

i love that last pic!!


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