Monday, April 12, 2010

Drama Dog

Have you met my first born, Ramon?

{looking happy after the Vet left the room}

I love this dog to pieces.  Earlier this afternoon he gave me quite a fright.  After laying on the couch, sleeping like a bum for a good three hours he cried out in pain for at least a minute straight.  It was quite possibly the worst noise I have ever heard.  He was shaking like a leaf, and you could look in his eyes and tell he was in terrible, terrible pain.  A few minutes passed and he started crying out in pain again.

I called my brother who had just gotten off of work.  He came right over to stay with the girls (thank you so much, Roo!) while Ramon and I went to the veterinarian.  One of his sides was swelling up and in my worst case scenario mind I had myself convinced he'd eaten a ponytail holder (which I've caught him stealing before) and it was twisting around his stomach....thankfully that was not the case.

After being at the vet for about an hour and a half and three sets of x-rays it turns out my poor boy has a sprained back.  No clue how he sprained his back considering he'd been sleeping most of the day, but the vet thinks it's just as simple as his back froze up during his nap, and when he tried to get up he tweaked it...badly.  My poor guy is on muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories for the next week, and no dog park for the next five (long!) weeks.  Ramon is loopy but still obviously in pain right now, and breaking my heart.  As awful as his sprained back must be I'm glad it's nothing more serious.

Sigh.  I'm exhausted after a long, emotional day.

Signing off....


jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Oh, poor pup! I saw your tweets last night, and I'm glad it's not worse than a sprain. :( Hopefully he'll be feeling like himself soon!


scargosun said...

Poor baby! That must have hurt!

Erica said...

Oh no! Poor Ramon! I hope he has a speedy recovery!! :)

janessa said...

poor Ramon! Poor Mama! I hope he's on the road to a swift recovery!

Tara said...

oh poor baby!!! i cant imagine!! :(

im glad he got what he needs and is on the mend. <3


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