Sunday, May 23, 2010

My birthday at the zoo!

My birthday was last Sunday (May 16) and since we didn't get to go to the zoo for Mother's Day (stupid rain!) we decided to go on my birthday instead.  It was chilly and gray but we had a great time, like we always do at the San Franciszo Zoo!  We started the day off at Peet's (my favorite!) and Tony didn't even complain about how long it took - that was the real gift! LOL!

Both girls fell asleep on the way to the zoo, and woke up right as we parked the car.  We saw the flamingos as soon as we walked in, and Leila yelled "Mama, they're pink for your birthday!!" 
 Then we saw the meerkats, which "stand up just like Ramon!"

We saw tigers, the snow leopards, all of the monkeys, the African exhibit and then headed to the children's zoo.

After all of that, Tony's legs got tired, so Leila decided to push him around:

And then we stopped at the playground:

man, I adore that little face:

We took a break by the penguins, where Leila tried dippin' dots for the first time and (big shock) loved them!

This is pretty much what Gianna did while we were at the zoo: but we think she still had fun!

Leila pointed out to anyone who would listen that we were wearing "shoes with sparkles!"

And last, but not least we saw the bears.  Leila loved the polar bears, and said that if Sugar would be a bear that's the kind she would be.  Then we saw some "Oski bears" and Leila showed us her best bear face:

and I showed her mine:

We had a great time at the zoo, and I had a great birthday!


Denissa said...

Happy birthday!! This weather has been so crazy lately! Is is supposed to rain here next week...
Great pictures, Leila is too cute w/ her bear face :)
Love your shoes and your necklace!!

Tara said...

happy belated birthday, gorgeous! the day looks like it couldnt have been more perfect! i LOVE the pics!

Teri said...

I love this post! Super cute pictures of all of you guys. You girls are the prettiest meerkats that I have ever seen. I love the bear faces and Tony and Gianna look so cute !! These are four of my most favorite faces EVER !!! I bet your Grandpa was smiling down on you the whole time you were at his zoo. Love, Mom xoxox....

Jill said...

Happy, Happy *belated* birthday!!!! What a fun day!, I LOVE the zoo! and I LOOOOOVE your shoes!!!!! and as always the girl's look just adorable too!!

Gina said...

These are the cutest pictures EVER!! The meerkat one is my fave. :)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Adorable!!! I LOVE the SF zoo, we haven't been in 2 years. I want to go back! Glad you had a fun bday, you and Leila are way too cute with your matching shoes :)

jonahbonah said...

you are too stinkin' cute!!!!!


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