Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A friend who has a little one, but works (outside the home) asks me all. the. time "What do you do all day?!" So, I wrote down my day yesterday...

8:00am - wake up.  Gianna slept through the night again (woot!)  Leila crawled in at 6:30, but I slept peacefully until 8:00.
8:15 - Leila's eating waffles and "girl cereal" (cheerios) for breakfast, while watching the Disney channel.  I've fed Gianna and pumped.
8:45 - get myself ready for the day {Gianna is chillin in the swing}.  Kiss hubby who is home sick (he *never* calls in sick.  Poor guy had food poisoning, NOT from anything I made, thankyouverymuch.)
9:15 - get Leila and Gianna dressed.  Grab extra diapers for the diaper bag, head out the door...
9:30 - get to the mall.  Meet my mom and Sophie.  Mocha and a muffin at the Nordstrom espresso bar, mall walking, and then storytime.
11:45 - get home.  Tony's still in bed, and doesn't even notice we're home - not a good sign.  Start making Leila lunch.  Grilled turkey and cheese, carrots from the garden and"girl soup" (chicken noodle soup shaped like Disney princesses.  Thank you, Campbells)
12:00pm - sit at the table writing a to-do list, while Leila eats her lunch.
12:20 - Leila's done, and I let her pick out one show to watch before naptime.  She picks "Ni-Hao Kai Lan" and learns how to say "carrot" in Chinese.  I nurse Gianna while we watch the show.
1:00 - after going potty and stalling it's naptime for Leila and Sugar.  She asks if she can read quietly first, so we grab a few books for her.  Kisses goodnight to her and the dog.
1:05 - change Gianna's diaper, nurse and swaddle her in hopes that she'll fall asleep.  It works and I put her in her crib, and bring the monitor out to the garage with me.
1:30 - check out my orders that I need to get done during naptime, and notice that my desk is messy and I didn't put away what I was working on the night before.

1:31 - add "organize desk to my jewelry to-do list {seperate from overall to-do list}
1:32 - start working on orders.
2:00 - Tony wakes up, comes out to the garage and says he's feeling a little better.  I tell him I'll make him some noodle soup.  Head to the garage pantry to find soup, and notice it's super dirty.  Start organizing garage pantry.

2:30 - stop organizing garage pantry once I realize I've been at it for a half hour, while Tony fell back asleep waiting for his soup and I've been neglecting my orders.  Oops.
2:35 - make Tony his soup, wake him up, add "organize garage pantry" to my overall to-do list, go back to the garage to keep working on orders.
3:00 - book a Stella & Dot trunk show and email the hostess.  Woot!  Realized our computer area is super dirty (eww!) and add "organize computer desk" to my ever growing to-do list.  Back out to the garage for orders..

4:00 - head to the post office with Interational orders.  I've got nine different packages going out to Canada, Australia, Ireland, Wales and one going to Russia.  First time I've sent a necklace to Russia.  Wait in line for 32 minutes (yep, I timed it)  Played on my phone while waiting, and checked out Facebook and a few blogs.
4:35 - headed to the store to get paint for an ugly shelf I got for Gianna's room at an antique fair.  It *will* be cute by the time I'm done with it!
5:15 - get home.  Tony's feeling much better.  Both girls are up and happy and playing with daddy.  My tummy rumbles and I realized I haven't eaten since the morning, so I start dinner.
6:00 - turkey burgers, corn on the cob and fruit salad for dinner.  I'm tired and suggest eating dinner in front of the tv, but Leila (3) insists that "ohana always eats at the table together!"  She is so right.  Clear off the table, and enjoy some family time.
7:00 - bath time for both girls.  Tony does it and gets no argument from me.  Back to the garage for more orders.
7:20 - Tony's yelling for me to get Gianna.  Back inside.  Bundle Gianna up, and take pictures of my adorably mohawked baby:

7:30 - Leila's out of the bath too, and in jammies.  She gets one more show before bed.  "Olivia" this time.  I sit on the couch and relax, while nursing Gianna.
8:00 - brush Leila's teeth, and it's bedtime. She picks out two books - "Can You Cuddle Like a Koala?" and "Pinkalicious"  Two of my favorites.  I read Pinkalicious, Tony reads the other.  Leila starts being a pill, jumps out of bed, kicking Gianna in the head, and doesn't get to sing songs as her punishment.
8:25 - I take Gianna out, and give her some lovin.  Leila's crying.
8:35 - I go in Leila's room and explain why she didn't get songs.  She calms down {a little.}  We say prayers and give kisses goodnight.
8:45 - kitchen's a mess.  I start to clean, but Tony takes over.  LOVE!  Back out to the garage for a few more....
9:45 - Tony calls me in.  We watch TV on the couch for a little bit.  I look at and prioritize my to-do list.
11:00 - time for bed.  Tony's feeling much better and will be going to work in the morning.  Again, mentally go over my to-do list, and fall asleep thinking about what I didn't get done today and what needs to get done tomorrow....


Kelly Marie said...

Did Gianna really only nurse 3 times? I'm currently in the "nurses every 30 minutes" stage of breast feeding. If we could get down to 3 or 4 times a day I would be thrilled!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

this was fun to read!
sounds like a fun day!
and, gianna is just too cute!!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

No, she nurses more than that. She nursed when we were at the mall for storytime, Tony fed her with a (pumped) bottle while I was at the post office and I nurse her right before I go to bed, be it at 11:00, midnight, whenever.

Denissa said...

Holy cow...I'm tired just from reading about your day! I love the Stella & Dot jewelry, so pretty!
K, I LOVE your turquoise purse, where did you get it?? :)

Autumn said...

Ok i got exhausted just reading all of this. I see "getting side tracked" runs in the family!!! I do that all the time. Start cleaning and then get distracted by something in another room and start fixing that and realize i need to go back and finish what i originally started. It's a vicious circle!

Teri said...

Wow!!! Anyone that says stay at home moms have it easy is just plain CRAZY!! I'm sure you did even more things that you didn't include. I loved reading this. Does anyone else think "Wonder Women" ? Sweetheart, you are amazing and I know your girls will soon realize that they have a pretty awesome Mommy. Love you !!Mom

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Whew! You are certainly one busy mama. Sounds like you do a GREAT job, though. :)

Thanks for your comments on The Sweetest Petunia, Heather! {Seven Brides for Seven Brothers will *definitely* be a featured musical!}

the thorntons said...

Long day...your a star!

Tara said...

oh lordy. i want another baby so bad but reading this really puts it into perspective that it is not all puppy dogs and rainbows. 2 kids is hard work! you are wonder woman. super mom. i totally look up to you!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

2 can be hard but SO worth it! Puppy dogs and rainbows, my friend! Now get crackin!! xoxo

Alison said...

I'm tried just READING about your day!!!


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