Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lulu's first day of school

Yesterday was Leila's first day of school, and she had an absolute blast!  Tony and I were the first parents out the door, because after a couple of (quick!) kisses she politely said "Ok, mommy and daddy I'm ready for you to go now."  What a difference a year makes.

For the very few minutes we were there I did manage to snap a couple pictures.

She posed in front of one of the (in her words) "Gingerbread kids" in the parking lot, and allowed me to take a picture of her washing her hands, while singing the hand washing song.

After we walked in her room she said hello to the teacher and ran over to the pink play-doh, and after a minute of that to the circle.

We're so happy that preschool has become such a fun thing for Leila.  It's a nice, little break for us too :)

Just for comparison, here's a picture of Leila this year and last year in the same paperlili shirt:

Hmm....I don't remember telling her she could get so big!


amaya said...

She is beautiful!

StampinCathy said...

She is adorable and what great pics for capture some special memories.

Teri said...

Oh how I love that little girl! How dare she be such a big girl. She makes my heart burst with joy and she lights up the world just like her beautiful mommy. Hey, who said you could grow up too. xoxoxox.....Mom/Bamma

Rachel said...

So cute! Isn't it amazing how quickly they change?!

Tara said...

love love love!!!!


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