Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things you should know about me if we're going to be BFFs

{Inspired by THIS post, linking up HERE}

I can't leave the house without makeup on.  At least foundation and mascara.  I'm scary without them.

I love mac 'n cheese and would take it over most gourmet meals.

If I think someone doesn't like me, I will go out of my way to try and get them to - even if I have no desire to be their friend.

I found a pair of 1 carat each (2 carats total) diamond earrings about a month before my wedding. I had them appraised and cleaned, and they’re the real deal. No one claimed them, so they became mine and I wore them on my wedding day.  Holla! 

I can hold my pee for waaaaay too long (except for when I'm pregnant.)  I refuse to go to the bathroom in most public places, unlike Leila who will seek out any toilet she can just to check it out.

I won't drink water from the sink.  Blech! We have Alhambra delivered twice a month.  My husband says I'm a water snob.  I agree.

I literally don't know what I would do without my mom.

I am jealous.  And it's getting worse.  I hate it - lately I've been finding myself getting jealous over everything, especially on the blog/twitter world - lack of comments, @ replies, etc...  It's bad.

I rarely buy anything full price.  I live for a bargain and love coupons!

Smoking grosses me out to no end.  I often find myself giving dirty looks to people who are smoking (even though it's totally legal and they have every right to be.) When I see someone smoking right around their child it literally makes me nauseous.

I don't make our bed unless I know people are coming over.

I am petrified of snakes.  Beyond terrified.  I can't even look at them on TV.

I think my kids are cooler than most people's.  My husband feels the same way.  We'll be at an activity and see all of the other kids and think ours are just so much cooler.  I'm sure all parents feel this way.

I have a temper, and my husband is the chill one.  I wish it were reversed.  Many nights I go to bed feeling like a terrible mom.

I love coffee – from anywhere, as long as someone else makes it I love it. If I make it at home it’s so-so at best.

Whenever I get stressed I can’t sleep and I get a cold sore (on the exact same spot) It sucks.

Now it's your turn - tell me what I need to know so we can be BFFs!!


Krulls in Haiti said...

Gosh... we have a lot in common!

Stephanie said...

Love lists like these! Here are a few for me...

I love taking mid day naps
I have never seen snow fall
I am too afraid to start my own blog for fear of no one following it. :)
I sneak bites of treats daily.
I <3 ranch dressing and use it on everything.
I cannot stand the smell or sight of ketchup. Unfortunately my kids love it.
I procrastinate on nearly everything; sewing, errands, Christmas shopping, laundry, EVERYTHING!

I make lists on a daily basis but I rarely actually follow them.
I am seriously afraid of any kind of scary movie, I absolutely cannot watch them.

This is fun, maybe i will actually make a blog post and link up. if I can figure it out! :-)

Unknown said...

I love your comment about mac and cheese and making the bed.....I am the SAME way :)

Monica said...

I don't go outside without make up on too. Only I have to have my whole "face" on. I can go out in ratty sweats and my hair in a birds nest, but my face has to have make up on.
I don't eat red foods, except for ketchup and pizza sauce.
The smell of pickles makes me want to throw up. And my kids love them.
I think my DH is THE CUTEST thing ever. Even though most days I could strangle him. LOL.
I never wear high heels. NEVER. I don't even know how to walk in them.
I live in plain colored T-shirts.
I'm super jealous of all these women with blogs that are so creative...I wish I had the balls to do something.

jess said...

love your list! and yes, we can totally still be bffs. though my kids are pretty freaking cool. just a warning:) i may have to link up on this one! looks fun...

LittleGreenThread said...

This is my first time visiting your blog, and I love this list! Several of them, I thought, "good Lord, she's writing about me!" :)

Teri said...

I love this post !! You are so funny my girl, you make me laugh. Let me just tell you that without a doubt you are am amazing daughter,sister,wife and mommy !!!! YOU are every moms dream daughter and I love you more than words can express!! Let me just list a few things that are simply wonderful about you;
1. You are gorgeous inside and out!
2. A perfect daughter always!
3. I love watching you being a mommy and wife. It brings me such pure joy to see how you love your girls and that sweetheart of a husband of yours.
4. You are extremely creative
5. You are a loyal friend
6. You are brave. I could never do a blog as much as I love to read them.
7. You are so honest about yourself. For you to open your heart and write this post is incredible!
8.You light up the room with your beautiful smile and always have :)

I can literally go on for days, but you know I adore you and thank God everyday for giving me the gift of YOU !!!!!

Love your mom xoxoxoxox........

beSlightlyAskew said...

I absolutely hate sink water, filtered fridge water, spring water. I will only drink bottled water. Yes, I am a water snob...and so is my 7 yr old!

Tara said...

this is awesome. im totally doing it. and can i just say, we were like *meant* to be friends. nearly EVERY thing on the list (except the earrings...) i could have said about myself. especially the getting others to like you one. oy vey i have SUCH an issue w that.

it drives matt nuts that i dont make the bed every day. he'll live. ;)

Anonymous said...

Loved the list! I, too, have a BAD temper. Husband does not! I often go to bed feeling like the worse mom in the world, but yet my kids still love me. (Thank goodness)
You can check out my list at

ashley @ little miss momma said...

LOVE your list girl! So honest, real, funny! Thanks for linking up!

You are a wonderful momma and wife and your family is so lucky to have you!

On another note--your shop is totally AMAZEBALLS! Like I want every single thing in it!

you rock!



Wendy said...

I love reading things like this. I think we could totally hang out... if we lived closer:) Also, two thumbs up on the wedding earrings. I decided the night before my wedding that I didn't like the necklace I bought so the morning of my wedding I ran to Michael's and bought a bunch of swarovski crystals and made myself a necklace.

penny lane designs said...

This is too funny! I am the same way about the kid thing- I always think Owen is the best and cutest and I wonder if other moms think the same about their kids- but then I tell myself...
"but how could they? because owen seriously really IS the best"!

Isn't that terrible?!! haha.

Object of Maya*ffection said...

AMEN Sista!
The green-eyed monster and I are besties
I think my kids RAWK and are the cool ones too
I have been called a water snob as I don't drink the sink either
AND I live in a snowglobe

Thanks for sharing!


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