Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What {they} Wore Wednesday

 Bow: Olive Blue
Shirt: Gap Outlet
Boots: Stride Rite

Jean Jacket: Baby Gap
Tee: Gymboree
Pants: Matilda Jane Platinum
Shoes: Baby Gap

Bow: Local boutique
Shirt: (old) Matilda Jane
Shorts: Roxy
Shoes: Target

{Coco on Saturday}
Bow: Target
Dress: Roxy

Shirt: Nordstrom
Dirty Jeggings: Kohls
Dress-Up Heels: Target
Leopard stuffed animal she named "Baby Tiger", even though she knows it's a leopard: Radio Shack, from Papa

Cardigan: Gymboree
Tee: Gymboree
Jeans: Target
Shoes: Nordstrom (Twinkle Toes)

*Almost every week after I post I get one or two emails asking me how I get Leila to pose.  Hahaha! She does it on her own, and I cannot get her to NOT pose!  She has two poses - "fashion" pose (hip to the left) and "style" pose (hip to the right) ....or it might be vice versa, I really don't know.  Anyways, any tips on how to get her to NOT pose would be appreciated  :)

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Polka Dot Moon said...

Those cute little fashionista's take after their mama!!

Gina said...

I am glad that I don't have a little girl because I have zero fashion sense and I'd feel sorry for her...she'd never be dressed as cute as Leila!

TDM Wendy said...

I think the the posing is in the DNA. Just let her get a hold of the yellow pages or she might get a little career started :)

Jenni said...

i seriously cannot getting over her posing! she is so incredibly cute (they both are)! can't take it...

Launa said...

Both your girls are adorable and I think it's awesome that she loves to pose!!!

Erin Burns said...

I love these posts.
I can't exactly put my finger on why, but they just make me smile every week!

Maybe cause I see their FAB momma shining thru in those little eyes and smiles...

Tara said...

i LOVE these posts! they are my favorite!!

amaya said...

they really are the most beautifull children in the entire world!


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