Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inspiration Workshop: Handmade

I've signed up for the Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop - each Thursday I will share something new, based on that week's prompt and link up on Gussy Sews.  This week is all about handmade.

Since I started doing stamped jewelry I haven't had a ton of extra time to make many things for my girls, myself or my home.  If you read this post you know that I'll soon have a little more time.

A few weeks ago I was at my local Joann's, and saw cute, colored embroidery hoops.  I grabbed a pink one and a yellow one, but didn't really know what I'd do with them.  After having them sit in a plastic bag for a week or so I decided to try some hoop art for each of the girl's rooms.  Coming up with Leila's was easy - since the day she was born I've always sang "You Are My Sunshine" to her, and called her "Sunshine"  Here's what I came up with for her:

For Gianna I knew I wanted to do something with an owl, but wasn't sure what.  After a few days of not doing anything with it the embroidery hoop I made her this:

I am no embroidery expert (by any means!) but I don't think they turned out terrible for my first try.


Gussy Sews said...

oh muh word. your embroidery art is darling and so perfect! i know your girls love it! I LOVE IT!

thanks for linking up! xo

Unknown said...

those are seriously cute! great job!

Handbags*and*Pigtails said...

Falippin adorable! I love me some hoop art and these are precious. Thanks for sharing:)

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

So cute! I love seeing new ideas for hoop art. And isn't it great to be able to create something just for someone{s} you love to enjoy?! ;)

Angie Mae said...

So adorable! What a creative idea!

Denissa said...

Those are adorable!! You did a great job :)

Nicole M said...

SO stinkin cute Heather!! I love them, I want to try it now. You are inspiring my friend! Miss you dollface! and I miss that stupid car!

Tara said...

WHY are you so amazing???? you are so dang talented it makes me jealous.


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