Friday, June 10, 2011

Life in phone pictures

Item #1635 that I didn't need from Target: A tiffen box.  But seriously, it's so cute and it was on clearance!

Leila got a little toy for my parent's dog, Belle.  Unfortunately Ramon found it before we could give it to her....

They had samples of Sour Patch Kids at Costco.  Delicious to me, but not so delicious to Leila.

On Wednesday Leila woke up and said "it feels like a hat day"  Obviously we all had to wear hats if it felt like a hat day.

Leila wanted to try out my big camera. The picture she took actually came out pretty cute.

Mama's got the high score for Glee karaoke - I can sing "Defying Gravity" like no one's business!

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{cuppakim} said...

LOL. Defying gravity - such a great power ballad. I'm all about the power ballads when it comes to karaoke.

Loving hat day - too cute!

Tara said...

ROTFLMAO at leilas sour patch kids photo!! i seriously just laughed so hard. that was amazing.

and i LOVE the pic of you guys in the hats. SO DARN CUTE!

Lindsay - Pen and Paint said...

Y'all look so cute in your hats!
And Target clearance gets me every time.

Unknown said...

oh Target *sigh* it's so addictive and clearance...even more so! gosh i loved seeing Wicked and the song Defying Gravity rocks-but i would not be brave enough to belt that out-even on a game in the privacy of my home :)


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