Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What SHE Wore Wednesday

Headband - made from a mustache card by Paint Me A Picture
Shirt and Jeans: Target
Sandals: Nordstrom

Bow: Little Birdcage
Shirt: Marshalls
Jeans: Gymboree
Shoes: Nordstrom

Monday......let me just tell you, Leila gets herself dressed every single day.  95% of the time she does a great job at matching. She calls herself a "style girl."  This was one of her off days....
Sweatshirt: Gymboree
Tank (under the sweatshirt) : Lucky
Skirt: hand-me-down from Erin's girls
Shoes: Baby Gap
Chihuahua Purse: gift


Elle said...

So adorable! One question... Is it cold there? Don't you live in california?

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Yep - in the SF Bay Area. It has been chilly and windy, though. They're calling it June-uary. It is finally starting to warm up, thankfully!

Denissa said...

SO cute!! Love her off day! do the Toms stay on,ok? Was thinking about getting some for Hayden, but was afraid of them slipping off like Vans do!

myriahmae said...

I'm loving her "off day"!

Marta @ Haus of Girls said...

Heather she is out of control cute!
If she doesn't become a Supermodel soon there is something wrong.

Tara said...

oh lord do i love the pink outfit. kills me.


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