Monday, July 4, 2011

Chalkboard Fun

A happy little surprise for my girlies.  Made with love by their daddy, after I showed him this:

Eight feet of chalkboard fun just for them.  I hope they love it!

PS - Happy Fourth of July!


Jenni said...

oh, they are gonna love it! so cool!
good find mama and good make daddy!

Kristen said...

Super fun!

Tara said...

this is ALL matt could talk about after we left your house yesterday. we are really excited to do one for brady (well, and peyton too, someday-haha). i think we are going to to to the store and get the supplies this week!! thanks so much for the inspiration and idea!!

LOVED seeing you yesterday and hanging with your sweet family. we had so much fun and always love being around you guys. you did such a fabulous job, as always. and those shrimps your dad made were AMAZING. i am still craving those today.

pics are up on my blog, ill put all the rest on a disc for you...or email em, whatever is easier. :)

amaya said...

you guys are such nice parents


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