Thursday, July 21, 2011

Inspiration Workshop: My Inspiration

This week's inspiration workshop prompt was "your inspiration"  I draw inspiration from all sorts of places, but there are a few places especially that inspire me:

*The store windows at Anthropologie.  Wow - their design team is amazing, and one of my favorite things about going to Anthro is checking out the store windows.   Here are a coupe examples:

*Pinterest.  Inspiration overload, for reals.  There have been nights I have literally just stared at the computer for hours, because I get hooked over on Pinterest!  I have a whole pin board dedicated to crafts I want to do, recipes I want to try, ideas for the girls and more!

This sums up Pinterest perfectly:

*And finally, I always draw inspiration from The TomKat Studio!  I've been a fan of Kim's blog, since I think pretty much the beginning and was lucky enough to hang out with her for a bit at Creative Estates.  She is one of those people who radiates warmth and kindness, and success could not have happened to a better person!  Kim's amazing photo shoots and table scapes are always amazing!

Where do you draw inspiration?

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Denissa said...

I would have to say look at blogs for my inpspiration. I keep wanting to look at Pinterest but am afraid of spending WAY too much time on it! lol
I am DEF making one of those bracelets though..LOVE them! Thanks for sharing :)

LittleGreenThread said...

I have that "you are my sunshine" print. Katie Daisy was selling at a craft show I did a couple weeks ago, and that's one of the prints I purchased from her. I put it away for now & plan to use it as bedroom inspiration if I ever have a little girl :)

Erika said...

Gorgeous pick for inspiration! I recognized Laura's work--her photographs are so stunning.
(via Gussy Sews)

Tara said...

i need you to help me think up an excuse for a rainbow party. since god has yet to bless me with a girl, yet i am obsessed with rainbow themes lately, i need to figure out a way to have a party and get my fix. lol.


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