Monday, July 18, 2011

You Asked, I Answered (part one)

Thanks for all of the fun questions - I'm excited to answer them for you!!

Elle said...Where did the nickname Coco come from? :) Leila gets all of the credit on that one.  Leila was watching "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" the day we came home from the hospital with Gianna.  It was an episode with "Coco the Monkey" on it.  Coco the Monkey was wearing a big, purple bow and out of nowhere Leila looked at Gianna and said "she looks just like Coco the Monkey"  She started calling her Coco, and it stuck for all of us.
Angie Mae said...Okay, here are my questions...your hair always looks so pretty, what kind of products to you use? Thank you, I'm flattered!  For shampoo I alternate between Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner and Redken Blonde Glam Shampoo and Conditioner.  On Sundays I use Shwartzkopf Rescue Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.  When I air-dry my hair I use a touch of Morrocan Oil curl creamDo you use a flat iron or hair dryer? I haven't blow dried in months - I usually air dry.  Occasionally I'll flat iron it.  I do own a blow dryer, just hate using it!  Your daughters are so beautiful, are you planning on having any more? Thank you so much!  We have always wanted two, and are done, done, DONE! :) What is your favorite color? I know you had mentioned you like turquoise and orange... pink, especially hot pink :)

Cuties with curls said...Hello!! I started a blog, and love talking about stuff - is pictures super important to help with followers, I don’t have any yet, but I think maybe that is why? I follow your blog and I think it's great so any advise on building my blog would be fantastic. I think pictures are important. Some of my favorite blogs are filled with beautiful photos (for example Enjoying the Small Things) and I think it helps me feel more connected to the author.  I don't have too much advise on building your blog, since mine isn't necessarily a "big time" blog, but I'd say if you're looking for more followers, link up on some of the other blogs offering "link parties" (life made lovely, the pleated poppy, gussy sews, etc) and comment on other people's blogs! I've found some of my favorite blogs through the amazing people that comment here.  I click on their profile, and if they have a blog attached I usually click over to that.  Good luck!

Jane Wetzel said...Okay....your hair is so it all real? lol   Haha! Yep, it's all mine! I had a few brightly colored extensions put in last week, but they all fell out.  Would you consider doing some tutorials on jewelry making (simple) for beginners? Sure, I'll try to think of some! In the meantime, here's a cute jewelry tutorial I found and am planning on trying out!

Andrea said...I'd love to hear the back story (if there is one) about how you choose your girls' names? They are so adorable! Thank you, Andrea!  My husband is Italian and liked the idea of at least one of our children having an Italian name or middle name.  I'm Hawaiian (at heart) and wanted some Hawaiian name or middle name. I always liked the name "Layla" and when we were on our honeymoon in Maui and Kauai I randomly looked at a Hawaiian baby name book. I opened it in the middle, right in the L's and saw "Leila" which is just the Hawaiian spelling of Leila. I knew if we had a girl that would be it.  Later when we became pregnant with Leila we decided to name her Leila Mia Bella, Leila having the Hawaiian nod, Mia Bella meaning "my beautiful" in Italian. When we found out we were having a girl a second time around I really liked Charlotte or Elle.  Tony hated both.  We ended up with Gianna for the first name - a good, old Italian name, and Makena (one of our favorite spots on Maui) for the middle name.
Jessica Johnson said...are you coming out with us on the 9th??? there is one correct answer :). xxoo Haha! I'm going to try really hard to :)

joen said...With two little ones when do you find the time to write your blog everyday? (not that I mind (LOL) I enjoy reading it everyday) I actually schedule most of my blog posts out.  Usually once or twice a week, when the girls are napping I'll write out as many different posts that are in my head, and schedule them out accordingly.  That way I'm on the computer very little when the girls are awake.

amaya said...I would like you please to give us makeup tutorials for eyes, face, different looks, everything. I don't like a lot of the ones on other blogs - the woman don't seem real. Hey Amaya! I've actually had a handful of requests for makeup tutorials.  I'll try to do some basic ones sometime that my hubby is home, so he can take pictures :) Also how did you and your husband meet? We were high school sweethearts. We met my freshman year, his junior year and went to the Sadie Hawkins dance together (the dance where the girl asks the guy!) but we didn't start going out until the following school year because he didn't want to date a freshman.  How rude, huh?  Having anymore kids? Nope! What kinds of animals do you have? Two dogs - Ramon is a deerhead chihuahua and Sugar is a miniature American Eskimo.  We also have a turtle, Hanu that I think is a radio slider.  What kind of music do you like? All kinds! Some of my favorite artists are Mika, George Michael, Michael Buble, Taylor Swift, and New Kids on the Block.  They'll always be a fave.  Whats the last book you read? Dead Reckoning, which is the latest Sookie Stackhouse book.

Thanks so much for all of the great questions! I'll answer the rest in a separate post.  If you have any more, feel free to ask!


{cuppakim} said...

i like this post! can't wait for the next one.

and jessica's question made me laugh. she is right, only one right answer! i am excited to meet you heather!

ps loved hearing about how you picked your girls names!

Jane Wetzel said...

well thank you! btw..your girls names ARE incredibly cute! Keep up the great posting!

Dani said...

awww! My daughter's name is Makena! Exact spelling...for the exact husband and I got married on Makena beach in Maui!!! Our fav also!

Denissa said...

How fun :) only 2? But you make such beautiful


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