Monday, July 25, 2011

You Asked, I Answered (part two)

Part two :)

Blanca said...I agree that I'd love to hear about any blogging tips you may have. I blog as a way to not forget those special memories and I jot down ideas that I have. I don't have any followers and that doesn't make me sad because I would only want people to follow along if they reallly wanted to not "just cuz". Hey Blanca! I answered some of those in part one and also want to add to blog whatever is on your mind, no matter how random it may be.  Some of the most random bits of useless information floating around my head are the most-viewed posts I've done. :)   Also, I would love to know what kind of parenting tips or tricks you have. It's always fun to hear other normal moms thoughts, not moms who think their better than other moms.  Oh gosh - not sure I have any advice, just do the best you can, and try to "let go."  Gianna is crazy wild (quite the opposite of Leila!) and I had to let go of the idea that she'd be just like Leila - calm, content, etc. and go with the fact that she has a lot more energy and we have to let her get her energy out! Often times we'll go to the park and just let her run around the open field.  Haha - she's like a puppy! I'm certainly not a perfect mom, but I do the best I can. At times I definitely get frustrated and yell at the girls.  After that happens, when all is calm again I always make sure to let my girls know how much I love them.   I also love knowing if the blogs I follow or etsy shops I shop at are support our troops. My husband and I are both US Marines and it's so nice to hear that other people all over the place still support what we're doing. Thanks so much to both you and your husband for what you do! I used to make a "Military Pride" necklace, and with all of the money made from the necklaces sold we put together care packages to send to our troops - we did it through Any Soldier.

mel @ the larson lingo said... 1. What made you get into handstamped jewelery? Was it a hobby first & then a business? I got a necklace with Leila's name on it as a gift from a well-known stamped jewelry maker. I liked it, but was underwhelmed with the look and design for the price that was paid for it. I got a cheapo leather-stamping set at a hardware store and some practice sheets of copper and started playing around with it. Once I got better I ordered a much nicer kit and some sterling silver pieces and started the jewelry business :) 2. If your girls would have been boys, what would their names have been?  Leila would have been "Theodor Anthony" (Teddy) and if Gianna was a boy her name would have been Evan - not sure on the middle name. 3. What is your dream vacation spot? With kids? Without kids? With kids - Disney Bahamas Cruise! Without kids - Mediterranean Cruise.  I'm a big fan of cruises!
jolene's spot said...Hey! I love your blog, I just never comment:) I wanted to know if you had any make up recommendations for people with very sensitive combination skin? {I answered Jolene more in-depth via email, but here are some more sensitive skin makeup recs!)  For foundation I'm a big fan of Bare Minerals, but only in the cooler months. For some reason it makes my skin itch like crazy when I get hot.  In the Summer I use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and LM secret camouflage  concealer.  The biggest tip I have for ANY skin type is to use sunscreen (minimum of spf 30) every single day!!
Kristin said... Celebrity crushes?  Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd, David Beckham, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper - yum!!  Favorite color? pink!  Favorite song? "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" by Wham! Favorite place to shop?  Nordstrom and Target Favorite material thing? My turquoise Marc Jacobs Venetia Bag

Matt & Tara said...  out of all your tattoos, which spot hurt the worst? the big one on my back - took over three hours and every minute hurt! i am with mel...if your girls would have been boys what would have been their names? Teddy and Evan :)

Adrienne emailed...You are so creative and love your sense of style. Thank you :) Do you have any recommendations when it comes to decorating for weddings? Or any blogs you would recommend that are wedding based? YES! I am *obsessed* with this photography blog.   Every wedding and engagement shoot has a beautiful vintage feel.  Check out my friend, Candace's wedding - it might be the most beautiful I've ever seen!  Style Me Pretty has also featured some really gorgeous vintage-inspired weddings.  Aaron and I are going for a vintage feel at our wedding- with canning jars, bird cages, old hardback books, typewriters, etc. Any suggestions to make our wedding fabulous!? It sounds like it is going to be amazing!!  Can't wait to see it!  Are you on Pinterest? (If not I'll send you an invite)  Type "vintage wedding" into the search engine and you will definitely find inspiration!

Kristin said...  Ok, one more question. It's kind of a silly vain one, but one of my last questions was too, so oh well. I want to know your favorite lipstick: I don't wear lipstick very often, but when I do I'm a fan of "Hug Me" and "Pink Plaid" both by MAC lip gloss: "Chihuahua" and "Pillow Talk" both by Nars and "Banana" and "Cotton Candy" both by Stila eyeshadow: you cannot go wrong with *any* eyeshadow by Stila - they are the best, but the colors I think everyone should own are "Kitten", "Oasis" and "Tone". If you want bang for your buck invest in a Stila eyeshadow palette and play around with all of the different colors!  and blush. "Orgasm" and "Sin" both by Nars are my absolute favorites!! Be specific - names, colors, brands! I have a big gift card to sephora and want to use it! Enjoy spending that gift card, girl!  Oh, and yes, I agree with the requests for makeup tutorials. Tell me what kind of tutorials you want!
Thanks for all of your fun questions - I had fun answering them!
Now I have a question for YOU - since so many of you have asked about makeup tutorials I want to know what kind you'd like....basic face, basic eye, smoky eye, etc.  Have a great day, everyone!! 



{cuppakim} said...

cruises are fun! good choices! i'm headed on a mediterranean cruise in a month! i can't believe it!

disney cruise seems so cool for families! do you think you guys will do one?

Denissa said...

I LOVE your tattoo!! So pretty, bout OUCH!! lol..I can't get up the courage to do it again!
And I vote for basic eye :)

danielle @ take heart said...

love your tattoos, friend!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Your girls (and you!) would LOVE the Disney Cruise!! And, your boy names were different than I thought...I was picturing Italian names! And, love that aqua purse!!


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