Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hello, I love you: Super cute animals

{Hello, I love you!} A pretty, little collection of things I love.  Served up fresh, every Saturday.

All images found via Pinterest

*I had to throw in that last one because it looks JUST like Ramon when he was a baby!  Have a great weekend, friends!


TDM Wendy said...

Oh my word they have animals on Pinterest. Even more of a vortex than I expected. That baby squirrel is so cute.

Denissa said...

AWE!!! Those are all adorable :)

Tara said...

a girl after my own heart.

Carrie said...

awww, they are all soooo cute!
i want one. :D

I just came across your blog today. It's Very LOVELY :]


danielle @ take heart said...

love them. also, thank you so much for the congrats on our sweet babes! xoxo


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