Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to School Eve 2011

Sunday night was the night before Leila (finally) started school, so we celebrated with a tradition that was started last year - Back to School Eve.  Leila got to pick the menu - spaghetti, grilled chicken, green beans (not her choice, but I had to throw in a veggie) and garlic toast.  She also picked a very special desert - a mini brownie sundae!

To make the evening a little more special I made a wreath of crayons (on clearance for .14 cents per pack at Target - I stocked up!) and on our chalkboard I wrote some of the things Leila was going to focus on this year. (For the record, she is an excellent friend, listener, always works hard and listens to her teachers and I want to keep it that way!)  Every day before I drop Leila off I say "be a kind friend."  It's super important to me that my girls are kind.  Leila's asked before "But what if I don't really like someone, or they're not being a kind friend?" My answer is always the same: you don't have to like everyone, but you do have to be polite to everyone.

I made a special little bunting to go on Leila's chair:

She got to wear her crown, sweetly made by Erin who inspired this tradition!
She even got to drink a special drink! She kept calling it "Mama's magical rainbow potion!"

We talked about what she was most excited for (Cutting with scissors, playing on the playground and seeing her school friends.) And what she was nervous about (Um.....nuffing?!)  I think this will be a great school year for my girl.  Can't believe how fast she's growing up right before my eyes!

PS - sorry about the way less than awesome pictures. My kitchen is yellow (and gray) and no matter what setting I put my camera on, pictures taken in my kitchen always look wonky!


Denissa said...

Cutie pie! Hope she has a great day!! :)

amycornwell said...

This is precious! I love how you've made it a celebration!

Erin Burns said...

Love Love it! And I especially love that she's nervous about 'nuffing. That girl is too cute. xo

mel @ the larson lingo said...

So cute!!! Love her crown...I think I need Erin to make my girls some! Love your crayon wreath!

jessica dukes said...

shes precious. what a great idea. i always tell the kids i nanny for "be kind today." so important...you are right.

Tara said...

i am OBSESSED w that wreath!!

mom of the year award, for you, my friend!


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