Friday, September 2, 2011

Life in phone pictures

You know those random rides they have in the middle of the mall?  I hate them, but the girls love them.....even if cheap mama didn't put any quarters in :)

Having a super adult meal of mac 'n cheese and cabernet.  At least it was fancy mac 'n cheese.

 Lulu met Miss California and got to try on her crown!

YAY for free face painting!!

And double yay for free frozen yogurt!
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Delaney said...

Great pictures! Love your rosettes necklace!

Kristina said...

You look adorable on your dinner date! Love the shirt (or dress?) sweater and necklace. Beautiful.

 The Morris Family said...

love all the jewelry!!!

thanks for letting me stop by!!!

Kristin said...

You are beautiful, and so are your daughters. They should model!

Unknown said...

Mac and Cheese and cab... that has to be two of my favorite things ever!


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