Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life in phone pictures

My budding artist!

Thanks to hubby I did some kid-free shopping and scored these snakeskin BCBG flats for only $30 at Marshalls.  If I had a money tree and more closet space I would have come up with about thirty pairs of shoes. They had a lot of cute ones.

I have crazy-sensitive eyes and the second an onion is so much as cut they tear up. Hubby cuts all the onions, but I'm always the one who prepares them. I usually grab some nearby sunglasses (doesn't matter if they're mine, Tony's or Leila's) but I've also been known to grab the goggles Leila sometimes wears in the bathtub.

This lazy boy sleeps like twenty hours a day.
How much is that Lulu in the window?

Harvest Wine Festival. Super fun day.

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The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

oh what i wouldn't give for a wine festival :)

and i actually loved the "goggles" in the pic before I read the caption haha, I think they look great on you!

Kyla Armstrong said...

I love the cooking in the shades - genius idea!

 The Morris Family said...

little lulu in window is precious!!! thanks for letting me look at your week!!!

jessica dukes said...

Ha. I am surprised I haven't lost a finger cutting onions with my eyes closed! At kroger they have frozen diced new best friend. Love me some kroger AND onions. Happy weekend!!

Stephanie C. said...

I am the exact same way with onions. Pre-chopped frozen onions have changed my life!

Tara said...

LOVE the pic of you cooking!!

those shoes rock my world.


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