Thursday, October 13, 2011

Life in phone pictures

When the girlies go to bed, mama gives herself a manicure!

Saturday night Tony made me a cocktail. In a mason jar. With one of Leila's plastic straws. I love him.

Homemade pumpkin walnut muffins using a pumpkin from our own backyard!

I don't know if I can think of a single time Coco has waken up in a bad mood.

My everyday breakfast drink all fall/winter long!

Yogurt monster!

My sweet friend sent me this awesome owl!  Coco thinks it's hers. Um, no.

Another sweet friend sent me this gorgeous laptop snuggie. I have awesome friends!

Linking up with Jeanett for InstaFriday

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Amy said...

Hmmm, have not seen the Berry Blue Emergen-C. Will be on the hunt now! Love the chevron laptop snuggie, too! Happy {almost} Friday!

Mandy said...

cute little one! love the owl!!!

Amy said...

Yay! Found it at Sprouts this morning...going to mix me up some now! Happy Weekend! XO

Tara said...

cocktail in a mason jar?! my heart skips a beat!!!


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