Monday, March 26, 2012

Facebook Giveaway

Good morning, beautiful people!!If you're already a fan of Glitter and Gloss on Facebook you already know this, but if not.....

I am having multiple giveaways on the new Glitter and Gloss Facebook page! For every 50 new "likes" I will be giving something away - a pair of earrings, a set of straws, a beautiful nail polish, etc. It'll be something different and fun almost every time. So far the page is at 165 "likes" and there have been three winners. Lana and April both won a pair of petite rose earrings, and Melissa won her choice of straws (she chose the red striped!) Want in on the winning?Just go and "like" Glitter and Gloss on Facebook and you're automatically entered. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezey.

The giveaway will continue on until there are 500 Glitter and Gloss fans on the Facebook page.  Good luck!

1 comment:

joen said...

Love the seaform petite rose earrings!


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